Consciousness and Conversation

If you seek someone to tell you how to free your automatic and constricted thinking, and you find someone who will give such instruction, you will have found someone whose automatic and constricted thinking at least matches yours in degree.

For example, let us say that you have a Consciousness I.Q. of 90.  The only people you will ever find who will apparently talk to you seriously about raising your C.I.Q. will be those whose level of consciousness is as low as yours.


Only cows will hold meaningful conversations with cows.

Advanced Version:

Only the thoroughly bovine-brained will engage in serious conversations with other bovines regarding how to stop being a cow.  It would be an entirely different matter if one cow encouraged another to stop dreaming that it was not a cow.

No one can tell you how to stop being you – the you with whom you are dissatisfied.  No one can tell you how to stop being you, since no one knows how you came to BE you.  The person who will so offer to instruct you does not even know how HE came to be who he is…much less you, so forget about it, unless you want to become even more confused than you are already from  having such conversations with yourself.

                                        See, NOW we’re getting to the gristle.


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