The Running Commentary

A discovered man’s miraculous life consists not only of eating when hungry and resting when weary, but also of ignoring the inner commentary life has made available for common use.

The only difference between ordinary people and those who aspire to know, is that the latter think that there IS a difference.  You do not realize this until you KNOW what is going on, and by then, it does not matter anyway.  But until then, it does truly seem to matter, which is partially responsible for keeping you in the dark.

Being deluded is a state wherein you perceive there to be a distinction between your thoughts and what appears to be going on in your life.  Mind and conditions have no separate reality; both are automatic, impersonal characteristics of being a human and being alive.

What will keep you confused is in passively accepting the voiceover in your brain as being individual to you, and originating in you.  The running commentary on the conditions of your life, what you take as being such – IS no such thing and is the very same thing AS the conditions on which it comments.

What men ordinarily take to be knowledge of themselves is the running commentary
looking at their feet and saying:
”I am doing the tango.”  
“I look foolish doing the tango.”  
“I am not cut out for the tango.” 
“I do not want to do the tango.” 
“Who is responsible for me doing the tango?”
“I want to dance the rhumba.” 
“Why can I not do the rhumba?”
“Perhaps the tango is not as bad as I thought?”

And they never recognize the fact that the automatic mental commentary regarding their feet’s dancing is inseparably tied to the automatic dancing of their feet, and their feet dance as is appropriate to the mental commentary thereabout.


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