How to Handle Life

An astounding book title:  “How To Handle Life:
The phenomenon of men’s brains attempting to tell men, (that is, the brains attempting to tell themselves), what they should be thinking; and since this is insane, they pretend that such directions come from a source outside-of, and superior-to themselves – gods.

There is an entirely different perspective of life,
possible by realizing what is going on
regarding neurons’ attempted self-improvement,
as they pretend it is something otherwise.

In ordinary minds this pretense is tolerated; in a few people, it is not.  They are the ones who seek Enlightenment, (which is to say): they want to see the matter for what it is – which can be done – if you get on the right track.

Life automatically provides two things for everybody: physical conditions in which to live, and a running mental commentary.  To see what life is about for yourself requires that you give up the commentary life, and in so doing you gain, (or RE-gain), your original, more natural life, lived in the physical conditions available.

There is a trail that goes from:
“I have read that…”  to:
“I have been told that…”  to:
“I believe that…”  to:
“You and everyone else doesn’t understand that…”  to:
silence – nothingness – just cold-headed cobra consciousness.


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