Double-Dipped Delight

Just who does the mind think it is anyway?!  It’s simple: anyone it WANTS to think it is.
Next question: Who primarily DOES it want to think it is?  Simple: why, “YOU” of course.        

Thus does man’s mind, up in the dizzying heights of the cerebral penthouse, endlessly proclaim:
“It is me…I mean, YOU…You know what I mean:  you’re supposed to take me and what I say as being you and what you think…Come on, you know the drill.  It is me – the me speaking these words IS the actual person from whose body this voice comes.”

Livers liver – lungs lung, and dreamers dream –what else can they do?  Simple: realize that they’re dreaming.  You know from experience in bed at night that once you realize you’re dreaming – you wake up…simple as that.

Ask yourself continually, under all conditions, during any activity: “Who is it that is doing this?” That may sound ridiculous to ordinary ears, but a man with-the-hunger will try it, and will discover its practical merit.

This is not an instant or overnight thing, and you must stay on it relentlessly for it to suddenly pay off, but when it does you will be double-dipped delighted.


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