A Thorough Interrogation

From one view, what’s needed by the few is a thorough interrogation …(such as):

“Who is it that enjoys the running when I go running?”
“Who is it that enjoys the sexing when I go a’sexing?”

and foremost: “Who is it that says, ‘Who’s that?’ when I say, ‘Who’s that?’”

Instinct knows who it is, since there is nothing it can know outside of what it is,
but talking consciousness does not know who it is, since what it is does not exist outside of what it says it is.

There is indeed no way that a man can ever alter the working state of his mind without a working knowledge of what his mind is.  The only apparent source of such knowledge is the mind, but only the inexperienced or totally inept believe that the mind can, or will, provide such info.

What interferes with a lifetime of peaceful sleep, for a few people, is a vague sensation that what generally goes on in their mind is not firmly and fully attached to the rest of them.

The building materials for a man’s mental skyscraper come solely from his physical genes, (where else), and thus the ultimate penthouse cannot be unrelated to the lower stories in that they all have the same source of supplies.  But, high up in the heady atmosphere at the top of the structure dreams are possible; mental fantasies that are unknown to the tenants lower down.


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