Free to Dream

Livers do not daydream, nor do lungs fantasize.  The cells that compose a man from stem to mixed-metaphor-stern, have no fantasy life – save, up high.  The localized cellular activity in the brain that produces thought in man does daydream, and imagines things that ne’er existed.

Under some circumstances this can prove most valuable for the overall well-being of the structure; in that the dreamers-in-the-penthouse have a unique, malleable memory of the building’s history, from which they can anticipate potential future problems, and make more efficient, current upkeep. 

               …And when they are not engaged in that sort of meaningful activity – why they are free to just dream, to fantasize about anything that crosses their mind. 

Man lives by instinct, but his mind tells him otherwise…and while the mind can tell the stomach to “shut up,” there is no one in the building to tell the MIND to “stuff it!”


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