Illusionary Struggles

Things that are literally, (that is, physically), necessary for survival do not need to be promoted, nor their image protected.  Men do not have to be urged to rest when tired, but must be so, to attend church, or join the army.

Only that which is literally non-essential must be encouraged,
and that’s the full title of that little ditty.

To actually be one-of-the-few, you must realize the reality of the above, and be beyond illusionary entanglements. (What a sight…illusionary struggles and complaints with 
that which is illusionary!)

Then we come to this, (regarding those with that hunger):
Let us assume that they are people who see the mentally-based, entirely-made-up, second reality plainly for what it is, and do not make any more out of it than is there, (which is literally – nothing), and thus are no longer captured in their minds thereby. They, then, are people who want more out of their MINDS than is there – that is what, “wanting to Wake-Up” and the search for Enlightenment is about.

The few want more out of their minds than is there, and unwittingly treat the matter with 
misplaced seriousness, and make more of the idea of, “Waking-Up” than there is to it.

This is not to diminish the quite extraordinary nature of a man actually creating for himself a mode of thinking and mental perception that is different from the one that he and everyone else is born with – not hardly.  The reality of, “Waking-Up, Enlightenment, and Liberation” is life changing to those who achieve it, but with those who have not… their thinking makes more of it than is there.


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