The Dance Floor

From one view, this is why the affair seems so elusive, secretive, even metaphysical and otherworldly – but it is not.  As I have indicated, it is actually much less complex than your unknowing mind would believe.  The mind makes more out of, “waking up the mind”
than there is to the whole affair.

Your natural born tendency in this matter is to look at the steps the dancers’ feet do, when what would wake you from the stupor, is to watch the floor on which they glide.

See…all you have to do is look at the right thing; relentlessly with the cold-headed consciousness of a snake.  Watch the milieu in which your thoughts cavort; not the thoughts themselves, but the environment, the background, the conditions in your head wherein their ceaseless activity is carried on.

Human knowledge, (even that claimed to be mystical), is the ability to describe some of your thoughts’ dance steps.

Enlightenment is knowing the dance floor.

Do not let your present thinking make more out of this than there is – that is not necessary. This activity is exciting and astounding enough on its own, but being forever distracted by your own mental irrelevancies, (which are, since you asked: everything you now think),will keep you from ever looking in the right place, and getting-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter.

Don’t passively allow your mind to make more out of things than is there…that’s all that “Waking Up” is about.  (Don’t you just love the way I said:  “That’s ALL” that it’s about?!)


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