A Warrior Once Raised

In the mental-based, second reality, the less be the believability potential in an activity, the more seriously it will be presented.  (Some random examples: politics, religion, history, your normal sensation of yourself.) 

A warrior once raised,
who does not attack,
will BE attacked.

Prescription: apply to the matter of part of your thinking wanting to wake up, while other parts are content with things as they are.

Variation: use what you know, or else watch it slip away from you, and never even see it happening.

Men full of blame, with nowhere to rest it, will lay it on the times.  Accusing the times is an admission of your own torpidity.

 It’s hard to remember about “waking up” amidst the good times, and difficult not to fret over “being asleep” amidst troubling ones.  You’re do if you’re damned, and don’t if you’re damned.


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