A Real Mapmaker

Today we are in Buffalo, New York, birthplace of the Julian Calendar, (and his brother the bassist, Red), Once more I shall report to the interested on that specialized matter of a different state of mind.

You can talk about the waking up thing,” systematically, and logically, treating the matter as though it is a coherent whole, or else you can “shotgun it,” taking this to be the more appropriate approach to the target under consideration.  Tuesdays are good for one method, Octobers better for the other.

A REAL map maker burns yesterday’s charts.
A REAL map maker is one who travels.
To be a REAL map maker – AND TRAVEL,
requires that you always burn yesterday’s chart.

The job of the mind is to TALK ABOUT THINGS, this is not the part of consciousness that can make up stuff.  

Mental irritation without the knowledge of its cure is stupidity by NOM DE PLUME: Variation: Do not be upset about anything you do not know how to stop; doing so is slow – oh so slow:  neural, blood-letting-suicide.


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