All You Can Eat

The notion of there being, Secret knowledge, is sweetly alluring – and there is such, but it is not at all what anyone’s mind is naturally primed to hear and use.

There is a single piece of knowledge that is the supreme key to the locked code of waking up, but it is not new knowledge you need to come in possession of; it is the losing of your present knowledge; THAT is the secret knowledge.

Wanting to wake up without ever understanding what waking-up is, is like going to an “All You Can Eat for $3.95” restaurant.  But after having one plate full, you’re refused more and informed that IS all you can eat for $3.95.

A person with an excited ear, and anxious eye, and a strong bladder should be greatly enthused by today’s News.  Believe me, there is nothing else you need possess to realize that extraordinarily satisfying goal.  All you need to do is dump all the junk you have now!

(See you later – at the land fill.)


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