Density and Drowsiness

An AWAKE man is poor – and I mean – DESTITUTE!
No possessions – no sleep.
No attachments – no stupidity.

Stupidity is its own reward.  Being ordinary is its own reward.  A perceptive man seeks no reward, (beyond those of his stomach, genitals and muscles).

All density and drowsiness are due to having useless attachments to meaningless possessions.
Physical possessions are irrelevant in this matter.  What we are talking about is the clinging to foolish ideas which mean nothing, reveal nothing, and do nothing but encumber a potential freedom of mind, unsuspected by ordinary men.

Routine thought says:
“Since an increase in physical possessions is good, an increase in my wealth of ideas would also be advantageous.”  
But this is not so concerning the mental world, if what you want is to live in one other than the standard model. 


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