No “Correct Diagnosis”

Being ordinary is having a necessary mental illness; the belief that something is wrong, and everyone has treatments to suggest, but no one even has the correct diagnosis!  Want to know why…because there is no “correct diagnosis.”  The proper diagnosis would be your personal diagnosis of what causes you to make such diagnoses.  A man on the way to awakening is a doctor amidst his routine diagnosing who is suddenly thus struck:  “What am I doing here in this phony white coat making these meaningless diagnoses?”

The time when useful advice about a matter would in fact be useful would be before the matter occurs, but since this is not how life works – everyone ends up in a dream world, one fractured with faults.  It then is a question of whether a man can, after-the-deed-is-done, properly diagnose the basis of the initial MIS-diagnosis that brought him to where he is now.  The “basis of” not whatever verbal, mumbo-jumbo made up the misdiagnosis.

The continual bouncing back and forth between being in your old, natural and unwitting mental state, and momentarily in one wherein you see the folly of the old one, and to which you long to never return, but without ever understanding what is going on, is like having a doctor visit you, time and time again, after you have just died, again and again and again.

All right boys and girls: can we all spell, “world class frustration?”  Okay then, can any of you see a narrow side street named: “Not at all necessary”?  Do you recognize that street as being your brain’s own ability to damn near conceive of what it is doing by way of its self-reflections,
spelled out in YOUR mind as thoughts; thoughts with an overall sensation that something is not right?

To be without an individual understanding of what life is, and what being a human alive is about, is to be in the position whereby the automatic thoughts endlessly passing thru your head act as a doctor, standing beside your bed, offering a never-ending stream of useless diagnoses and meaningless advice, as you lay there passively nodding your head as though you appreciate the efficacy and insight of his idiotic comments.


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