Being Critical Is Hell

Ordinary minds cannot satisfactorily explain exactly why things seem inherently “not right,” and why all attempts to correct things never conclusively do so, nor can the thoughts of the few explain exactly, (even to themselves), why they are unable to fully embrace this majority view of things.

Although the ordinary do not notice it, this could be said in their regard, that:  “Being constantly critical of things is hell.” But then for the few you would have to say: “Being uncomfortable as an unwitting host for unrelenting criticism of things, and not understanding what any of it is really about, is doubly hellish, (or at least, extremely annoying).”

In case you have not noticed, there are a lot more people who claim to be seriously interested in being enlightened and awakened than pragmatically are.  For every thousand who wave a map, one actually making the journey is surprising.  The rest are satisfied with just having acquired a new, somewhat exclusive, basis for an additional feeling that “something is not right!”  But they never seek to get to the bottom of that very sensation.

Saying: “I am intelligently dissatisfied with life,” is proof of no intelligence.
Saying: “I am dissatisfied with my views of life.” is the initial distinction of the few. But without a person to eventually realize that they do not personally understand the nature of their dissatisfaction, no change within them is possible; the furniture in their dream rooms can be rearranged, but escape from the rooms themselves will forever evade them.

Hearing that, “Nothing is wrong in life,” will accomplish nothing.  What will produce results is a full-bore investigation of what is behind yours and man’s natural belief.  Without a comprehension of the machinery, no pondering of the intangible products coming off the assembly line will ever reveal anything useful.


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