Better Lost Than Found

                    You Could Go See A Doctor; You Could Visit A Mystic: 

In the paper a man read an article that warned of a newly discovered danger:  “The sudden –SILENT heart attack,” and which recommended that people talk to their family physician about the problem.  The man did, and when asked what his doctor had to say about it, he replied: “He advised me not to have one.”  (Do I really have to lay out the mystical version of this story?)

 A man said to his torpid twin:  “Well, after hearing all of this, I guess it must be obvious to even you that if you SHUT UP you can’t lie, and entangle yourself in foolishness?”  And his duller counterpart smiled slyly and said:  “Ah, but I could still be secretly talking to myself, and no one would ever know.”

The man was momentarily at a loss for a response…and even after some consideration concluded that even, “Stick your head under a bus,” was inadequate.

A quick-nail test of your potential for clear-headedness
is what you understand, “Shutting Up” to actually be. 

And if that don’t do you, translate this:  Better lost than found. 


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