Shut Up!

Question: Are you aware that the mouth not only makes shipments, but accepts deliveries as well?  Have you yet to notice that your consciousness not only speaks in your head, but listens to itself as well?

Only a man who has learned how to SHUT UP can hear what other people are actually saying.

Only a man who has SHUT UP can understand what HE is actually saying.

Only a man who has SHUT UP can translate what the cellular activity in his brain is actually saying through the conduit of his consciousness.

(Once men accept life’s invitation to the party, then end up married to themselves.)

Waking up in Niagra falls in bed with himself,
one man was able to achieve an instant divorce by
shutting off the falls within himself.

A man who discovers what’s really going on – lives alone – even amidst a house full. (The secret is that once you SHUT UP, the house empties.)


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