The Secret to Everything

The secret to everything is to shut up.  Forget about meditation, mindfulness, self-remembering, prayer and all the rest; all you need do is shut up…course the tricky part is that you think you know what that means…but…you don’t.

A boy asked a well-known mystic: “Approximately how long does it take a dedicated aspirant to fully awaken?”   And the head-cleaner replied: “Go to hell.”  “Hmmmm, that long?!” the lad mused.           

Because of the mind, men believe there is MAGIC to be found in words – even liberating, enlightening magic.  This is inescapable in the beginning, but eventually a man must come to realize that the only “magic” about words is in their ability to confine you and delude you,
and keep you from a fuller use of the conscious mind.

Aimed at the physical realm, words are potent and profitable; turned inwardly, they are Rube Goldberg rockets, dangerously out of control, and always liable to turn back and attack Command Central.

The liberating potential to words is in not saying them…  As ‘tis sometimes said on the special battlefield):  ”If you don’t try to catch the bullets in your mouth the danger is minimalized.”


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