Talk is Never Enough

A man who talks – lies, and a man who thinks about the talk that goes on in his head, lies like an asphalt two-lane to nowhere.

                                             With talk, it’s never enough.

An author says: “The trouble with writing a book is that it makes you want to write another one.” 

And a reader says: “The problem with reading a book is that it makes you want to read another one.”

And a politician says: “The vexation with gaining one office is that you want to gain an even higher one.”

And a scientist says: “The downside to making one discovery is that it makes you want to make another one.”

And a philosopher says: “The dilemma of having one great thought is that it makes you want to have another one,”

And a mystic says: “The woe of having awakened once from the-sleep-of-words is that all you can ever think about after that is, oh, it’s just too sad to talk about.”

With talk, there is never enough.



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