Prepare for Landing

Being asleep is a state of fixation, (staring), thus, amoebas must be the creatures closest to being constantly awake; ever fluid and always in flux.

                                  “Say, where are you headed?”
                                  “I have no idea.”
                                  “I didn’t know you were awake.”

One enlightened man, (even though he knew such things to be fantasy), began pretending to believe in a holy grail kinda thing…(that’s what being enlightened can do for you).

When your sight gets so that you can see over the horizon for yourself, you will see that a real traveler’s biggest foe is “up ahead.”  The sense of movement from where you are being possibly, if not probably, at some place other than where you are at this very moment.

                  Hey look – down there’s Ontario we’re making good time now!

Cattle hover, even while standing on the ground, and so do wolves, even though they imagine themselves on the run.  Neither dreaming nor doing alone will see you through to the final destination, but what you can always do is not hover.

Okay, prepare for landing, and let me note this:

If you can consume my Daily News and not wake up,
then you can probably manage to never wake up.


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