The View Out Your Window

Who else but men, educated, sophisticated, with suits and ties, and I.Q.’s high, spend their lives making amends for transgressions unknown or unremembered? There are cells within man’s being which have a clear memory of his past, but few men can hear their attempts to tell it.

Your dog’s yapping will not drown out everything else if he is not allowed to go on hunts for imaginary creatures: chasing-after, being drug-along by yours and other people’s creature thoughts. To say: “I am not presently asleep,” is to say: “That dog don’t hunt.”

                    Who was that who just waved at us from that mountain top?

None of the activities in the second reality would survive if they did not have numerous fans who treat them with more seriousness than anything in life deserves this side of a busted spleen, and what is more popular with man than his routine attempts at self-explanation?

Only those who do not understand it, take “Waking up” solemnly.  To those who have seen-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter it is as serious as acid indigestion…but a lot more fun.

She is still a virgin who has never been hit on, and a man is awake whom life has not yet asked to join the party.

                                 We must be getting close — there’s Rangoon


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