Cattle and Wolves

To a son, a father said: 

“The history of man is the history of a restless cattle herd. 
The history of man is the history of a wolf pack on the prowl. 
The history of man is the history of what life causes men to say will happen,
and what life ultimately makes happen.”

“Half of men moo, and half growl;
half are chased, the other half do the chasing. 
Half make plans, and half do the doing. 
This goes on, and none will admit it – history’s purpose is to cover it up.”

“You are half cattle, and half wolf;
half schemer, half shovel-er,
half dreamer, the other half a dreamer apologist.”

“Cow historians say it is not the cattle’s fault, that they are born accursed for some forgotten group offense.  Wolves sneer at history, while plotters and doers pretend to ignore one another.  Cattle stick together through fear; wolves do too, but only when it profits the individual; thinkers and actors stand back-to-back.”

“Cattle are stupid; wolves believe themselves clever; dreamers dream they will soon know all – of knowledge, doers seldom dream.  Cattle, wolves, dreams, actions, illusions, hard facts – these are the histories of man.”

And the son asked: 
“But what has this to do with my wanting to restructure the operation of my own so-called, mind?”


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