Thighs and Thalamuses

Common experience shows that the absent always get the blame, but how’s about applying that reality to ordinary, sleeping states of consciousness?  When you are momentarily awake, and they’re not present; then and only then is when you find fault with them – when they’re not there to defend themselves, and give their version of things.

The story told by the horse always differs from the one told by the rider.

When thighs and thalamuses agreeWho-pee!

If the right teams team up, the game is over.

                                    (You’re looking much better now!)

A man who defends himself against criticism provides his own, and an awakened man could mentally and verbally make anyone else appear foolish, but why would he want to go back tosleep?

You feel like standing up?  We really should be going…which reminds me of what you are always saying:  a man who understands what talking is all about is often the only one who understands what he is talking about.

Or, as noted by the state of Ventura’s motto:
“We Don’t Need No Stinking Badgers.”


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