A Bit of Explaining

Supernatural wisdom is the thing that tells car-lot mystics that what they are thinking is correct, even when it’s not.

In one galaxy, there are two classes of creatures:  those whose presence speaks for itself, and those who feel as though their presence requires…well, a bit of explaining.

Something that could prove to some people during extended inter-stellular travel:  if you ever find yourself too wide awake, just turn to the person next to you, or to your own listening mind, and start talking about yourself – that’ll do the trick every time.


If the same thing happens to two different men, and one of them expected it, and the other didn’t, then even though it was the exact same occurrence, it will seem like two entirely different things to the two different men.


A man who understands what is going on is often the only one who understands his descriptions of what is going on.

Is it too hot for you?




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