The short-lived, (such as locust), can nevertheless do extensive damage to a location, but another thing that is long-lived, (human thought), can do even greater damage – and on such a gigantic scale that the damage becomes indistinguishable from the location it has harmed.  Cute, huh… ‘course what’s double neat is that life shields your basic farmer from directly realizing what has happened to his mental fields. 

                                            Are you comfortable in that position?

Oh, one more thing about the raising ofcertain food stuffs:
Abundance does not spread – only scarcity.
(Don’t guess I need to point out the neatness here, huh?”)

                                             You sure you wanna lay like that?

Although history records many great wars, the most significant one is carried on, goes on, unnoted:  the conflict between men primarily of the first, physical reality, and those of the mental, second reality.  One reason you do not hear mention of this is because it goes by another name: “progress.”

(Let me ask you something in private:  Have you ever given real, deep consideration to the question of just what exactly constitutes, “progress” in your own personal life?  Weird how everyone talks about wanting to “improve themselves,” and how few have an individual definition and understanding of what it is that their neurons are causing them to say.)

Oh yeah: there is this other world where whenever anything quite expected pops up, someone, sure as slime mold will say: “Ain’t that weird!”  (Weird, huh…and free.) 

                You want another blanket to lay on…oh, you’re gonna sit up?


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