The Expected Unexpected

Wake up!  It’s Sunday, and we’re almost there!  Ah, come on, you’re not gonna ask me, “Almost WHERE?” again are you?

Just how many times HAVE you almost, “been there”?  Don’t wanna talk about it, eh?! I guess it can be a bit embarrassing to be standing around a strange bus station clutching a tattered ticket to an unknown destination, while never being quite certain that you’re actually hearing departures to real places being announced off in the distance.

Don’t’ sweat it, at least there will eventually be ONE day when there will be no uncertainty; the day you hear your name called along with your assigned hearse number.  But, (as you would say):  why dwell on pleasantries? We’ve got to:  knuckle-down, bite-the-bullet, face-the-facts, kick-the-piper, and like that, huh!

Okay, just calm down, stretch out here on the blanket, and I’ll tell you some of those stories you like to hear whenever you get like this.  There was a land where everyone answered to the name, K, but a few, (to themselves), rejected it, and believed they deserved another name, (though they were not certain what it was).  They undertook an assortment of unusual activities in the effort to gain their imagined, proper name.  Most never succeeded; a few of them made an unexpected discovery:  that names don’t matter.

There is a planet where, every time something expected occurs, everyone talks about how unexpected it was…are you starting to feel better?


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