Avoiding a “Mental Yeast Infection”

A man and a crow were sitting on a log, and the man said to the bird,”What d’ya figure’s the advantage to being in a fable, as opposed to real life?”
And as the crow was suddenly and miraculously able to understand language, it replied,
“You picked a helluva time to ask me.”

The ring announcer declared, “Let all in favor say ‘yea,’ and all opposed, ‘nay.’
Now shake hands and go back to being one.”

News From the Kitchen:
After all’s been thought, chewed, and swallowed
talk’s the automatic dishwasher…(or is that food disposal?…)

Now for some Good News: As long as you take life, as you find it, to be serious and important,
you’ve got nothing to worry about.

                       “Answer-Me-This” Addendum:
                       Just who would find the above to be “good news”?
                                                                Surely not you?

After many years of sampling various mystical systems,
one man says he now has a “mental yeast infection.”

When this one man knew that he wasn’t going anywhere, he’d sometimes make sounds “vud-en! vud-en!” like a revved-up motorcycle. His mind loved this! (Since what I is talkin’ about was not going anywhere mentally.)

Whenever he’d think about it, this one guy’d think, “What a shame.”
(I assume you know that he was thinkin’ about his thinkin’!)

Okay, extreme form of a previous definition:
Intellectuals — people who want to stop the merry-go-round with no idea what they’d do after that.

One guy told another guy, “You sure do annoy me.”
And the other guy said, “Yeah, but not half as much as I do myself.”
And the first guy said, “So, is that supposed to make me feel better?”
And the other guy said, “Yeah, but not half as much as it should me.”


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