“What is the Profit in Setting Free a Wild Horse?”

One man has presently come to this point:
“If I am to get anywhere new with my thinking,
I must take it outside the confines of my head.”

The body is indeed a busy place — but not the busiest in town.

According to legend, a guy once asked a mystic, “If you’re awake to the point of realizing that there’s no one else more awake than you are, is that as awake as you’re gonna get?”
But the mystic said he didn’t answer questions like that.

The only worthwhile prophet is one who can prophesy his own demise.
Now, for “prophet” substitute the word “mind.”
Now, that makes the information worthwhile.

In yet another untold version of the creation myth:
Life did not drive Adam from Paradise — but the other way around, when Adam discovered that life had let the drugs run out.

Or, (as he brushed the dust from his wings) said Wrong Way Corrigan:
“Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter which way you turn….”

And a viewer writes:
     “Would you please repeat the one you read about a man who named his thoughts, ‘Yeah, yeah’?”

     Yeah, yeah.

According to history, there were originally two types of mystics:
agitated mystics, and calm mystics.
And one of the two eventually absorbed the other.

“Hey, Hubert, what ‘chu reckon they’re talkin’ about now — actual, two types of mystics?
Or are we back to just inside one guy’s head again?”

                         The Rule Of The Sea
                         for the mystical salt:
                         Don’t let your boat be rocked.                      

And one man’s come up with this idea:
“It doesn’t matter so much what you think, just as long as you don’t.
The great thing about being a mystic, once you’re ready to leave,
is that there’s no one there to see you off.

A certain mystical equestrian pondered:
“What is the profit in setting free a wild horse?”


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