Heard by the Herd

Everything in the second reality exists in two different environments:
The one perceived of by the collective, and the one known to be by the few.

The way this materially plays its tune out, is that those who recognize human events in their true context are not heard by the herd to comment.

A Reliable Tip:

If it‘s something you don’t hear about, it’s safe to believe.


The creatures of one reality truly loved to hear their god talk to them.  Afterwards, they would always ask him for additional clarification of his remarks, until one day he stopped everything, and said:  “Wait, let me get this straight; not only do you want to hear what I have to say, but on top of that you also immediately want me to explain what I just said?!”  (And only a few of them – got the message within the message.)


People who believe in a god that directly affects their lives are smarter than they realize.  (Although they’re using the wrong word.)


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