Snoozing as You Sled

When your existence in the mental, second reality, is not recognized for what it is, that “more or less works,” (sad to say for some.)


Those with nothing worthwhile to talk about, talk about themselves.


 Stepson of the Above:

A man full of quotes is full of shit, (or, emptiness – your choice).


A major distraction in the mind is that “present appearances” have the propensity to seem contemporaneous – where as, such is not necessarily the case.  Thus, can a man’s thoughts live a life of total anachronism – eternally out of synch with physical reality.   (In certain parts of Sighberia this is known as, “snoozing as you sled.”)


One man’s motto is, “It’s all according to how you look at things.”  He admits that this has never helped him at all, but says that it is still his motto just the same.



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