A man would never survive the first few miles and years of this journey without the concept of “making progress” toward the destination.  But those who begin to get hip to the trip, eventually realize that, via this concept, they have been traveling with a hobbler.


When it comes to long distance travel, a man could not make up a worse foe than, “Tomorrow.”  There is no greater enemy to a man’s real progress toward awakening than the idea of “Progress.” As long as there is a future, then no matter how asleep you are right now, at least you can be more awake later…tomorrow…when things are better – NO YOU CAN’T.


Thinking that you can always be more awake, at some future time, after you have made more progress, will ultimately stop you from any progress.  For those who would internally step into a new, expanded version of this life, there is no tomorrow, the future is just another dream, and progress, warm covers to keep you in bed.


“The struggle to awaken!” – how grand it sounds.  “I am not yet awake, but I am gradually getting there!” –  how comforting  and reasonable!  A struggle one must undertake; a journey one must make; a trial one must endure, and in the beginning, (which for some can last a lifetime), that sounds right and feels right.  And from your thought’s experience, it must BE the rightful view of this undertaking; but it supremely is not. 


The strongest, okay, the onliest opposition there is to you being awake, enlightened and liberated this very instant is – Later…some other time…when circumstances are different.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Olè!…Touchè!  “Weasel-me-out-of-it-mama – eight-to-the-bar!”


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