“Lies…. Lies…. Lies….”

You cannot “know” what you are; all you can do is wake up to the fact that the thoughts in your head do not – no  one’s can – no one’s do, and really, all that, “being asleep” is, not understanding this.

This is the annoying humor, (to the uninitiated), in the statement that:
“The sure proof that a man is not awake is if he says he is.” (Trust me, in a better universe this one’s a real thigh slapper.)
 The lies, (ahhhh, but men, especially pseudo-mystics, so adore that word LIES!!  LIES which are thoughts, which by nature, pretend to know that which they do not, but back to the subject).  The lies that thoughts tell men about themselves, and about life are not only “lies” – they are JUST lies…nothing at all to be concerned about, or taken seriously.

What adult with your I.Q. and intelligence, while telling a child the made-up fairy tale of Jack-and-the-beanstalk begins to believe in the giant, just from hearing themselves tell the tale? Who?  Why?  EVERYBODY – that’s who!  (Well…every NORMAL body).

The only thing bustin’ up your top forty is you accepting the one lie that tells you that what I am saying is wrong, and that you DO know what you’re thinking about.


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