To Be “Enlightened”

To be “Enlightened” – don’t PRETEND to be “Enlightened;” and to be “Enlightened” – don’t say that you are not. 

Let everything you do be genuine to you.

Do not say to yourself: “I am asleep.”  When you are lying – you do not really, personally, know what that means.  By you saying that you are asleep, without a personal, genuine knowledge of what that means, you make the condition you refer to – worse.

Examine every thought that appears in your head to see if you truly, “know-what-you-are-talking-about,” if you let it speak.  Certainly do not say aloud such, but even more importantly, do not take any ideas that show up in your mind seriously, if, by instantaneous glance, it is obvious that YOU do not PERSONALLY KNOW what the hell they are talking about.

The trickiness is in the fact that your brain’s operation is constructed, such that the thoughts that speak in your consciousness are automatically listened to in your consciousness.  Thus they are automatically – unquestioningly accepted by “YOU” (in gigantic quotation marks), as being something that you “know”, or else the thoughts would not be there in YOUR HEAD…(now would they?!)


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