A balancing act is constantly maintained, both in the collective body of mankind, and in the single one of the individual.  You can call it a “struggle,” or you can call it a “balance.”  The reality of it is insouciant to labels; the result is a never-ending, always-shifting movement of and in man, (from wherever he is at the moment), both physically and mentally, to some other only guessed-at surprising future place.


The journey is made safe by the bus having two drivers, each with their own steering wheel, and their own separate view of travel.  One is extremely cautious, and very hesitant about leaving the main, previously traveled highway for explorations down unknown secondary roads, while the other’s head seems forever lost in dreams of better-times, and far-away-places.



Every person, at one moment in their life, favors first one of the two approaches, then, at another moment, the other; caution vs. excitement; timidity vs. exhilaration; fear vs. bravado; yesterday vs. tomorrow, literally – the known vs. the unknown!  Do you recognize that I am, in fact, really talking about the sport of  individually  trying to aid in your own evolution, for indeed, from one view, the hunger to, “wake up from a dream,”  is exactly that.


By instilling thought in man, life set in motion the ongoing, struggle-cum-balancing-act that is the continuing saga of ever evolving man, by way of the twin bus drivers, one crying out, “It is time for something NEW!” while the other one assures the passengers, “Stick with me; I will only do what I have successfully done before.” Life has thus arranged circumstances whereby humanity as a whole unwittingly aids in its own collective evolution, and wherein a maximum of change is realized with a minimum of risk.


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