Nothing Beats Experience

In political contests between incumbents, and challengers, the classic sloganeering always pits, “Nothing Beats Experience,” against the opposition’s, “Time for a Change.”  While each candidate’s intention is to distinguish himself from his opponent by drawing attention to his history in elected office, (vis-a-vis the demands of the times), I see both assertions however, as manifestations of a divide that is much broader and timeless, that reflects the nature of man – not campaign slogans.

These shibboleths can be interpreted on a more radical and revealing level.  They also say, (in the first instance), “I am instinct, and trust the lessons of the past.”  The second says: “I am thought; my interest is in new possibilities.”  These statements are also representative of some of my previous models of man as in the sets of: “doers and talkers,” “cortical consciousness, and sub cortical operations,” “instinctive mind and verbal mind,” and the common politically employed one of, “conservatives and liberals.”


At base what you have are overt expressions of the overall nature of life, wherein one part of it is always a defender of the status quo, as a refuge of proven safety.  It in essence says, “We have survived this long, behaving as we have, so what better guide for the future is there than our past actions?!”

From this natural perspective do all Earthly creatures, save man, persist.  Tigers see no need for change in their lives; eagles ponder no other possible existence.  That requires an animal with a brain that produces “thoughts.”



Have you ever considered just how downright neat AND ultimately stupefying it is that thoughts are the only thing in the entire universe who get to name and define themselves?  Ultimately stupefying, I tell you, and responsible for all subsequent, “directions-to-the-wrong-bus” – but now back to the main road.


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