Dreams of Change

Man would be incapable of evolving and effecting the beneficial changes he continues to do, were it left to the animalistic instincts that are the subterranean machinery that keeps his building physically inhabitable.  It requires that thought be present, that ideas be in a man’s brain of how circumstances would be more comfortable, and conducive to survival, if circumstances were different.


Instinct knows no such word as, “different.”  You eat what is right for you – not anything “different,” and you make your home where it is right for you – you do not move to somewhere “different.”



This is simple and obvious enough – our prime real estate is, and should be, governed by stodgy, ultra-cautious and conservative instinct.  Silent, automatic, unthinking instinct brought us this far and “nothing beats experience,” (except for the equally obvious fact that life has never been satisfied to let man remain as he is, at any given time).



Once man’s brain began to turn out thoughts, what came next was inevitable:  change and relentless DREAMS of change.  But by its very definition, change has no history on which to rely.  It is the opponent of history, and all it can do is issue the hopeful cry: “Time for a change!…is anyone paying attention to me?”



Some segment of humanity is always in the process of change compared to some other segment, and within an individual, the same game plays out.  One segment of him, (his thoughts), are attracted to change while another segment, (his instincts), have a natural resistance.


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