All Aboard!

If you want to criticize something worthwhile, criticize yourself for being moronic enough to pay any attention to the criticism of expressed by the neural squatters in your head.  That criticism is intended for humanity in general.  Man is supposed to feel, accept, and act on it collectively, so as to move things along en masse, with the degree to which each individual labors under being left, apparently, to the chance degree of idiocy and susceptibility OF each individual.


If one of your second reality pleasures is conspiracy theories, consider one worthwhile:  that life conspires to make man – collectively participate in his own evolution via always thinking about things not as they ARE, but as they COULD be. Thoughts that picture physical reality through the lens of his mental one, witnessed by his ever increasing longevity and health, can, with this present arrangement, find overall fault (but the secret few secretly refuse to be “pushed around” by this collective progress).


They see warts aplenty, although it normally takes a life time, (or several, if you are so cheap that you have made yourself pretend to believe in multiple ones), for a man to get a grip on the real name for such blemishes, (which is):  “Mirror, mirror – blessed reflection – wherefore art thy proper sting?!”


That burgeoning cellular voice in the brains of the few shouts back: “Why I’m right cheer!”  Bing A Bam, first thing you know, one part of your head has woke up, wiped its eyes, blowed its nose and by gawd, is climbing the hell outta bed – first thing you know, one part of your head is leaving behind, under the covers, all the endless dramas destined for the broadways of the mind,  (along with all of the sniveling carpers that are the shills for human consciousness as played out above the cellular level).



Even as you mess around in the collective station of man’s second reality, if you listen to instinct as opposed to vocal thought, you hear cellular reality, which is always announcing your train.  All aboard – ya’ll!


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