The Power of Ideas

The intrinsic and ignored power of ideas is in the fact that, once they have made up a new notion, they can immediately ignore the fact that they just made it up, and instantly start to treat the new, made-up idea as though it is as naturally real and solid as any rock a man might find laying around on the ground.


You can do this if you wanna – you’re supposed to do this – as a human being you’re entitled to do it.  You can Do It If You Wanna, but if you DO, you’re gonna find yourself living partially, (if not largely), in a life filled with explanations, but with no comprehension.


If you go out knowingly to play ball in the rain, don’t play the idiot and later pretend to be astonished at the mud on your shoes.


You play with the sleeping – you sleep.  Kick around ideas with idiots, and idiot ideas kick you around.  Critique hack dramatists, and find yourself the archivist for all of history’s tabloids.


All criticism is criticism of stuff that man’s mind has made up (the second reality).
No one criticizes REAL reality, (dirt being dirty, water being wet).   Only idiots, seriously playing idiots’ games, debate the finer points of the rules.  There are no rules other than the ones that men’s minds are forever making up, as the game goes along.


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