The Reasons cum Excuses

Time for: the Reasons cum Excuses, (starting with the first):

1.      The reason these writings seem to lack a systematic coherency is that they are not the work of one man, but of a committee composed of several de-frocked sufis, some disbarred zennists, the stray kabbalist, and a blind taoist usually doing the proofing.


      2.   The reason the style, tone and quality of these writings varies so greatly from day to day, is because the style tone and quality of my thinking varies so greatly from day to day.



      3.   The reason that some days what I write seems familiar to you and on other days it does not, is because some days I have difficulty finding anything suitable to plagiarize.



      4.   The reason that some days you like and understand what I write about, and other days you don’t, is because you’re nuts.


Oh yeah, the weekly reminder:  Any reference made to me personally in these writings is purely a bit of fiction.



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