How Life Works

The brain concocted the notion of you having a “self” so as to make a life of habit and redundancy seem more acceptable, in that you can then pretend it is “you”  who decided to
live like that.

One guys says, “If I thought people were really serious in what they say – I’d cut my throat.”

Ordinary consciousness is like a scout
who constantly sends back reports prematurely.

How Life Works:

Everyone stands around staring, until someone moves, then everyone stops staring long enough to react, which gives still other starers something to momentarily react to – and on and on doth life so roll…


One guy says, “The most awake man I ever knew said that he did not know what ‘being asleep’ meant, and if I did, then I was asleep.”  You can never answer the question, “Why does a cube have six sides,” since what causes it is the same thing that causes you to ask.



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