A Built-In Clock

The reason that men came up with the notion that ideas are either right or wrong is because all ideas are lunacy, but having a perceived choice between two possibilities enables a man to claim a distinction between his right ones and any ideas that oppose his, (which by the process of elimination, would be the wrong ones).  “Lunacy, lunacy – my kingdom for lunacy – would be a bargain at half the price.”


Ordinary consciousness has a built-in clock –
the extraordinary version does not.


After hearing a minister say that the way you can be sure it is the voice of god you hear talking to you is that he is “always consistent,” a man mused, “In that case, my thoughts are god, for if they are anything they are consistent.  JEEZE are they consistent!”  (Okay, boy and girls, can you tell me how to spell “consistency” using only the letters, m,e,a,n,i,n,g.l,e,s,s?)

Ordinary people think of progress as the regaining of their usual health after an illness.  Your sole bumper sticker should be:  “You Can’t NOT Get There From Here.” 

The bio read, “He began to understand that he was not merely selling model trains to young boys, but was selling them a dream.”  This is not so confined, for whenever you buy a book, a CD, a fashionable swimsuit, a movie or sports ticket, you are buying a dream.   No matter the object or event pursued, what you are hoping to purchase is a dream that the object or event will trigger in your thoughts.


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