and Trains that Fly

Look at the batting line up – there is no slot listed for players who don’t want to play; examine the train schedules – there are not any going nowhere.  None of them are actually going anywhere, but with ordinary travelers, at least the pretense is made.


What’s the Few to do?!?!?!?!…Okay; as is always, constantly and forever the case, there are all kinds of things you can do.  Since we are here dealing in words, and since words have to get in line, and present themselves one at a time, here is one of the kinds of things that the would-be extreme traveler, thoroughly unsatisfied with man’s divided state, can do as he awaits the appearance of “The Savior,” (aka trains that fly).


Move your talking part into the behaving camp and vice versa, and once you instantly experience its value and recognize what it reveals about your coherent nature, you can mix it up in various personal combinations.  Until you finally realize that it doesn’t matter anyway; you’ve never ever really been divided into two of anything; you’ve always been just one big lump with part of the lump saying that it is separate from the overall lump.  (What lumpy attempt at humor – Hah!)


Be ye behaver or talker, if you persist in resisting, and thus continually deny reality, it ain’t so damn funny.  If you keep resisting the reality of what you ARE through the lousy trick of taking what the thoughts in your head SAY you are, you will never catch on to the REAL JOKE in life.

All would-be, “waker-uppers” and “enlightened mystics” want to know the truth, (always have), but none of ‘em wanna know a really good joke…do YOU?!

Hi ho from here for today!


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