This or That and Apple Pie

Those with this interest do not like being trapped.  Oh, both the behavers and the talkers will exclaim distaste for being physically confined.  Neither one feels that special sense of imprisonment so dear to the hearts of The Few.  These people have no natural commitment to being either a full time behaver or talker, and thus without a firm allegiance to either camp, they feel more trapped, and at loose ends than do most homo sapiens.


The Few are not merely people without a country, but people with no interest in one.  They are not simply rebels without a cause, but rebels beyond the reach of causes.  They just are what they are; neither strict behavers, nor committed talkers; not really much of THIS or of THAT.


What these people actually long for, (whether they ever see it like this or not), is release from the common obligation of collective man to pretend to be either like this or like that.  A man who says to himself: “I want to wake up,” is really saying: “I am not satisfied in being part of any distinguishable division.”  And when he says to himself: “I want to know the truth,” he is in fact saying: “I am truly unsettled by having these apparent divisions IN me!”


“It’s as though I have somehow swallowed both a rambunctious behaver, and a pedantic talker. It seems somehow that I am both asleep and awake, both enlightened yet as dense as a brick.” For the Few being “asleep” is being internally divided; yet feeling so divided is man’s normal condition.  It is collateral with having a brain that produces thought.  Nothing could be more natural.  Yet nothing, (for the Few), could be more annoying.


A house divided against itself is a distracted structure.  Such a building is driven to constant dreams of remodeling, or “self-improvement.”  A nation torn apart by partisan politics or religion is as wholesome as a warm apple pie, and a man who says one thing and does another probably has the mother who baked the nice pie.


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