Behavers and Talkers

Behavers see life as primarily one of the body, and live a more physically-based existence than do talkers.  They find most of their pleasure in the survival instincts:  eating, screwing, running and resting, with their talking primarily given to gossip.


Talkers, (while of course also living a life of the body), see life mainly as a mental affair, living largely in their heads, and deriving singular pleasure and pain in games of thought.  (Note that to be a talker does not require overt speech; a recluse, continually talking to himself, readily qualifies.)


The behavers and the talkers each have their own cultures, with their own music, art, mythology, religion, heroes, games, sports, literature and dance.  As a whole, they have a vaguely defined, separate sense of what constitutes real “intelligence.”


Strict behavers have no interest in the idea that man does not commonly live in as conscious a talking state as he could, (since their specific interest IN that area is minimal).  The more extreme talkers likewise have no fondness for the notion of there being a more enlightened state of talking possible, (since the achieving of same is at the expense of their primary interest in life – their present talking state).


None but the few, (not the righteous, Little Joe), fall adequately outside and inside the two noted extremes, and are thus suited to that anomalously extreme adventure called, “Looking for the Door.”


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