Dateline: The Great Divide

I am today simultaneously in several different parts of the world, and more specifically, in the particular place that they locally consider to be a dividing line between two discrete, and significantly dissimilar areas.



One of the old timers here notes that the world can be divided into two groups: Those who divide the world into groups, and those who do not, (which actually speaks to the nature of thoughts, rather than the creatures in whom they nest).  But, I’ll say nothing since the elderly do so enjoy their little outbursts of sardonic humor, (which is often the closest they can come to appearing wise).


In that it is thinking alone that distinguishes man from all other Earthly life, it’s no surprise that his thoughts naturally run to making distinctions on every hand.  It is by the mind’s ability to cut up physical reality into pieces of manipulable abstractions, that man is the comfort king of the planet.


Without thought dividing everything it surveys, comparing one theoretical faction to another, its ability to plan tangible changes to the physical environment without first having to put man’s hands on it, would not be feasible.  This is of immense practical value – but when thought turns its attention to matters concerning thought, and follows its natural proclivity of dividing-to-understand, the results are not so pleasant to behold.


From a lifetime spent pursuing the sport of awakening, and from my years of commenting, I have created many pertinent models based upon sundry divisions regarding man.  Some have been found useful.  Here is one for this fine day: 


The world is divided into behavers, and talkers. 
While everyone does a little of both,
most people can easily be seen to favor one or the other
as the focal point of their life.


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