The Ultimate Battle

Those who hear about, then embrace, the idea that men are not as conscious as they could be and that their mental views of life are images had-in-a-dream – if they are to ever alter the situation in themselves, they must see that by accepting the resistance, the thoughts in their heads relentlessly offer at least half of what goes on and is said in life.  They keep their views of life as through a veil.


Ordinary men display their intelligence by resisting ideas they deem unintelligent.  The objective truth is that there is no such thing as an intelligent thought.  Outside of those concerning physical objects, the intelligence of the thought is determined by its faithfulness in its description of the same.  But in the world of thoughts about things intangible, there are none that are either intelligent or not intelligent; neither faithful to the truth about the thing discussed, nor unfaithful to it – since such is not possible regarding matters imaginary.


The thought that describes fire as hot is intelligent.  The thought that describes Cinderella as fair is not, nor is one that calls her dark. When thoughts speak of thoughts no faithfulness is possible. When fictions comment on fictions, the question of faithfulness is absurd.


Each time you stick with a thought that appears in your brain, that resists a thought that has come from another man’s brain, you are directly denying the reality OF Reality.  You are, however directly, supporting the illusion of you; that fiction head-character created by the wandering troops of thoughts who bivouac in your brain.


Now the battle really gets interesting, for even after you realize for yourself the unacceptable expense and inanity of resisting other people’s thoughts and mental pictures, you are then confronted with the ultimate challenge:  ceasing to resist the patently fictitious picture of you as presented by your own thoughts.


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