The Battlefield

We stand today on a field, whereon was once fought a battle that proved most costly to the aggressive party.  And while such physical outbursts are a part of man’s instinctive nature, it has a mental counterpart where its exercise is always cost prohibitive to a man seeking individual victory, (so to speak), over a humdrum field of consciousness.


Overall Fact:  Being alive is a form of warfare.
Fact for The Few:  Mental resistance denies reality.

Sans melodramaticism, staying alive is a competition between hunters and prey, animals and plants, viruses and hosts; intra-species competition for food, for mates, and space.  Therein animals resist being preyed upon by fleeing.   Plants resist being eaten by making themselves distasteful.  Hosts resist succumbing to viruses by their immune system, and by head-on, physical resistance do members of the same species resist attacks by their kind. 


If your desire is freedom from wearisome, useless combat, then the matter of mental resistance becomes a drama played on a much less probable stage.  Mental resistance denies reality, and is an activity that will forever keep a man internally engaged in warfare, whose substance is but the empty symbolism of its smoke and din.


Physical competition makes the material world go ‘round, and arguing does so for man’s mental one.  Thus, for any man’s thought to survive – some other man’s thought must resist it – must deny it.  No idea springing from the neural womb of one man will get up and walk for a time in the forum unless another man quickly attempts to kick its feet out from under it.



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