Do not let life’s commonly available ideas misdirect your attention, and cause you to believe that certain things from the second reality are required to be on-your-plate for awakening to ever take place.


For instance; amongst the various systems proposed as methods by which to achieve enlightenment, is the routine insistence that a supplicant must be: religious, or charitable, or deferential to some guru, (or be a Democrat, or Republican, or member of the PGA, to take the point to ridiculous extremes).  Put plainly: nothing – NO THING from the mental, second reality, is needed to wake up.  Indeed, the inclusion of any ideas from there, are anathema to the aim. 


The only thing suitable to think about when you are struggling to wake up is “waking up.” Anything else is irrelevant – totally, entirely, absolutely, completely and indubitably E-REL-E-VANT.


If an enlightened man learned that he had a terminal illness, would he worry over an obviously irrelevant matter, irrelevant in the radical sense of it being inevitable?  Would he be concerned if he heard that someone was talking about him in an unfavorable fashion?  Would he be troubled by the continuing worldwide disputes between people of different political, religious, and cultural thoughts?  Would he fret over the fact that hip hop now outsells speed metal, or that Jesus is coming back, and bell bottoms may not be?


Here is the grande dame of ALL irrelevancies:
       What your thoughts think of you.



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