Staying Alive

A man trying to get-to -the-bottom-of-things, and see-through-all-this must realize on his own, for himself, that some things in his life are relevant, and some simply are not.


From the most radical perspective, capable of any expedient verbalization, the only truly relevant thing in a person’s life is to STAY ALIVE.  Putting it in these terms certainly does not do full justice to the singularly rich and complex lives men lead, compared to the non-thinking inhabitants of this planet, yet its validity is beyond question.


No ordinary man, totally plugged into the common, collective reservoir that normally feeds mortal minds, can ever make any profitable use of this objective perspective of his life.  Only a man who truly, wants to get-to-the-bottom-of-things has any taste – or even tolerance for, facts from-the-bottom-of-things; (e.g.: “staying alive is the only really relevancy”).



Of course, even a man whose life centers around his hunger to “wake up” has other interests besides just physically, “staying alive.”  Yes, he also has an interest in – “waking up.”



Such a man, (same as everyone else sane), first has an interest in staying alive.  He sees that by not engaging in activities that amount to gradual suicide, he then has the second interest of “waking up.”  He sees that engaging in activities that keep him uselessly distracted, thus keep him asleep.  Such a man simply does not bother himself with thoughts about things irrelevant.


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