What You Physically ARE

In that an alcoholic can stop his drinking when his liver reaches beach ball proportions, and a liberal can turn conservative when such is his new employer’s political bent, men’s thoughts carry this to its apparently proper conclusion, (to wit), that men can change what they essentially are by genetic temperament.


When confronted with the notion directly, everyone knows that through no act of will, or force of desire, can a man change his physiological body type, or the strength of his heart and lungs, or his genetic predisposition for certain ills, or his neural wiring.



 What you physically ARE is what you are, and no amount of thinking otherwise will ever change it, in spite of thought’s ability to pretend to forget this.



This is at the flawed heart of all complaints men have about themselves and each other; the specious assertion that a man can change what he IS, and that people with whom you disagree 
simply refuse to exercise this ability.  As concerns yourself, you feel trapped in a locked room with a “you,” with which in large part your thoughts find fault, but which are unable to lead you therefrom.


You are saddled with the sensation of not BEING what you should be, but being incapable of making conclusive, satisfactory changes.


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