Survival and Comfort

To better serve their survival and comfort, men can mentally plan and execute changes in their behavior; even to the point of acting in conflict with their instincts. 



Based on the demands of circumstances, and when it improves their position, men can change their mind, (that is), alter their mental commentary on a given situation.



This goes on constantly, effortlessly, and seamlessly, and is a basic characteristic of being a human being.  It gives rise to something further, which men do not take into account as their thoughts, which is to keep a running account of what they tell a man he is.


                                     You can change your behavior,
                                     even change your mind, but
                                    you can never change what you are.

The reality behind the above seventeen words sits-on and mashes-down-uncomfortably, every person who ever trods the boards of the mortal playhouse, (albeit without their direct awareness).



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